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Sexual Health

Contraception at the practice

We offer all forms of contraception at the practice.  This includes the fitting of intra-uterine devices (coils) and implants.

Please submit an e consult to arrange review or to discuss starting contraception.


Coil Contraception

Please click this link to find more information about coils and indeed obtaining one through the practice.

Implant Contraception

To find out more about implants through the NHS at the practice please click here.

Young People’s Sexual Health

If you are between 13 & 18 you can attend Healthy Respect for advice about your sexual health and contraception

Healthy Respect – Supporting young people’s sexual health.

Helpful NHS Information

Below you will find some helpful links and resources created by NHS Scotland. Please note that the practice cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or how current these articles are.

Sex & Young People

Here you will find a comprehensive guide to the questions you may have about sex from the NHS.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Info on sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) – Issues, symptoms & treatments.

Contraception -NHS

Clicking on the button below will show info on Contraception including why, when and how it should be used.

Sexual Health FAQs

This is a very handy online patient guide with some of the most common questions answered by a qualified doctor.


Here you’ll find tips for a fulfilling sex life plus advice on STDs, contraception and common sex problems.

Family Planning Association

A Family Planning specialist writes about the different types of contraception, benefits and pitfalls and how effective they are.

Hormonal Contraception

This factsheet is for women who are taking hormonal contraceptives, or who would like information about them.


This factsheet is for people who have chlamydia, or who would like information about it.