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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered about eConsult / appointments online.

How do I make an appointment with a GP?

The quickest way to contact us to make an appointment is to complete an eConsult. The GPs at Newbattle Medical Practice can organise telephone and face to face appointments once they have assessed the information you have provided in the eConsult.

Our reception team can only book appointments for you once they have been asked to by a GP.

Do all patients need to complete an eConsult to make an appointment?

No. Patients who are part of the ‘Mid Med’ scheme (Patients with complex medical needs, subject to location), children under 6 months & patients requiring palliative or end of life care can speak with the reception team and book appointments with a GP in advance.

Why do I have to complete a form?

Completing an online eConsult form may take slightly longer than just ringing the practice, but it means the clinician has everything they need to start treating you. If you do need a face to face appointment, give yourself more time with the GP and submit an eConsult first.

It is easy to complete an eConsult on a computer, laptop, tablet or on a mobile phone.

I don’t have access to the internet. What should I do?

You can choose to come into either of the Newbattle or Danderhall sites and we have eConsult stations that you can use.

Our reception team will be on hand to help you.  You will still get a response from the surgery by the end of the next working day (usually a same day response).

I can’t get to the surgery. What should I do?

We will support you. If you can’t come in to the practice and you can’t complete the form from home.  Then our reception team will able to arrange a time to call you back and guide you through the form over the phone at a time that suits you. You need to bear in mind that this will take longer than you completing the form yourself, as the receptionist needs to read out all the questions to you. If you can, try to get help and support from a family member or friend.

I would like a specific GP. How can I see them?

If you are needing help with an existing problem, it helps us if you can specify which GP has been dealing with the problem so far.

If you would like an eConsult to be seen by a specific GP then please put their name in the eConsult. It is not always possible, but we will do our best to get your enquiry dealt with by them.

Why don’t you allow patients to book appointments with GPs in advance?

Most practices around the UK now ask patients to call or e-mail (eConsult) the practice about their problem before being allocated an appointment. Newbattle Medical Group tried for many years to offer direct appointment booking to all our patients. Sadly, it doesn’t work as patients would be faced with a 3 to 4 week wait to see a GP. In that system around 10-15% of appointments are lost to patients who Do Not Attend (DNA).

I have an urgent problem that can’t wait until the next working day.

There are very few medical problems that can’t wait until the end of the next working day. If you don’t feel your problem can wait until then, you may have an emergency. If you think your problem really is an emergency then you should consider attending the Accident and Emergency Department. However, A&E should only be used for genuine emergencies.

I don’t think I need to go to A&E but I am worried I need to be seen today.

You are still required to complete an eConsult.

  • If you have already successfully submitted an eConsult and think it needs to be seen by a GP sooner than the next working day, please speak to the reception team. They will call and speak to the critical care GP for advice.
  • If you have a problem submitting the eConsult, then the reception team can help you with this if needed. You may still be required to go through an eConsult with a member of the reception team, either on the phone or at the practice. If an eConsult cannot be submitted by the receptionist, then the reception team can speak with the critical care GP for advice.

I need my prescription urgently, what should I do?

Medications on your repeat prescription can be requested using ‘Patient Services’.

Login – Patient Services (

There are very few medications that need to be requested in an emergency if you run out. If you have run out of your medication, it is not the fault of the practice. It is your responsibility to request your prescriptions on time. There is a list of medications that the reception team have that they can speak to the Critical Care doctor about. You may ask to see that list. If your medication is not on that list then you will have to request the medication you need in the normal way.

Please see the prescription section of our website for more information.

E-consult – In More Depth

More info about our online appointment system.

Welcome to our eConsult Service

eConsult: an overview

eConsult is a platform that allows patients to consult with their own NHS GP simply by completing a quick online form. It helps us to deliver better access to registered NHS patients by providing a round-the-clock portal where patients can enter their symptoms and receive instant self-help advice, together with signposting to NHS 111, pharmacies and other healthcare services.

Please see the options below or watch the eConsult video:

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