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Blackcot, Mayfield,
Midlothian. EH22 4AA
Primary Telephone 
(+44) 0131 663 1051
Opening Hours,
Mon-Fri 8.00 am – 6.00 pm.
Out Of Hours / Emergencies
NHS24: 111 Emergencies: 999

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Do I Really Need To See A GP?

Nearly 75% of GP's appointments could have been dealt with by an alternative healthcare professional. To help the strain on the NHS we have put together a guide for patients to check before they call to book an appointment.

Very friendly and helpful reception staff. I was a bit nervous because it was my first time in the building. The doctor was very attentive to my needs and must say the experience was a positive one for me. Well done to everyone

Practice Patient

Have always found staff helpful and the doctors and nurses very good. Getting an appointment has sometimes meant a lot of repeated calling, and I have not always got through, but no wonder it's stretched with all the new housing in the area.

Practice Patient

I have found all the staff very pleasant and helpful. I realise how busy they all are and I try not to bother them unless it is absolutely necessary, hence leaving a space for someone who is more ill than me. In my experience the doctors always phone back very promptly. I was seen today by a very efficient caring doctor Fairley. Keep up the good work.!!

Practice Patient

Family Health Information

How to Register as a New Patient in the Practice

If you live in the practice catchment area you are eligible to join the practice list. Please ask at Reception where you will be given the necessary forms to complete. You will be allocated one of the GPs who are taking on new patients. However, if you wish to register with a specific doctor, we will do our best to accommodate you if the GP is agreeable.

You are free, however, to consult any of the doctors in the practice, irrespective of who you are registered with. All newly registered patients will be asked to have a consultation with one of the doctors or the practice nurse within one month of registering. You will be asked to bring evidence of your identity with you such as a utility bill, driving licence or passport.  Registration forms can be obtained from the reception desk

Newbattle Medical Practice is now accepting new patients to their list.