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Unacceptable Behaviour

We undertake to treat our patients with respect and courtesy at all times, and we expect patients to treat our staff in the same way. If, however, a patient is rude, violent or aggressive to any doctor or member of staff, we reserve the right to remove them from our practice list.

Patients will be informed in writing of the reason they are being removed from the list, and will normally be given a warning before this action is taken.

If you are removed from the practice list, you may either be referred to the Challenging Behaviour Practice or asked to register with another practice. You will receive a letter from Practitioner Services at Stevenson House, 555 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh to this effect on behalf of NHS Lothian.

Normally you will be given seven days to join another practice, during which time you can still consult with this practice. If, however, a patient is violent, then the police will be involved and the patient removed from the list immediately.