Surgery Appointments

Our appointment system has changed to improve our service

In response to feedback from our patients, we offer an online consulting  system  – eConsult.

Newbattle Medical Practice is very conscious that patients often like to have access to a GP as soon as possible.  In the interest of safety, a GP needs to assess every request we receive as soon as possible. eConsult allows all patients access to a GP, Reception or Nurse 24/7.  Whilst every effort will be made for your eConsult to be allocated to the GP of your choice, GP’s are not available every day.  Please see the eConsult Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.

0131 663 1051

Our lines are open from 08.00am to 6.00pm with 8.00-08.30am and 5-6pm being an emergency line only.

Click above to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about eConsult.

GP Appointment Availability

Dr H Ansell: Monday(am),Tuesday(am), Wednesday(am),Thursday (am), Friday (all day)
Dr P Bailey:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Dr A Ma: Monday, Tuesday(am), Wednesday, Thursday
Dr I Morrison: Monday, Wednesday(am),Thursday(am)
Dr R Morrison: Monday, Wednesday,Thursday
Dr L Read: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Dr A Gaskell: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday(am), Friday
Dr S Hurding (Specialist in the Management of Frailty): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday(am), Thursday & Friday

Dr A Lancastle: Monday, Tuesday(am), Wednesday, Thursday (am)
Dr L Chiwanda: Monday, Thursday, Friday
Dr G Henderson: Monday(am), Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Dr A Binns:  Monday, Thursday, Friday
Dr C Florence: Tuesday, Wednesday(am), Thursday, Friday (am)
Dr S Keane:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Dr R Steven : Tuesday(am), Wednesday, Friday
Dr J Fulton: Monday, Tuesday Wednesday(am), Thursday & Friday (am)

Appointment System FAQ’s

How do I arrange for a GP to contact me?

Call us on 0131 663 1051. Our lines are open from 08.30am to 5.00pm when you can request a routine contract with a GP.

Emergency contacts will still be taken from 08.00AM- 6.00PM.

The Receptionist will then ask you a few questions; the nature of the problem, any indication of urgency, and the telephone number on which the GP can call you back.  The information will be treated in the strictest confidence.  You do not have to tell the receptionist details of the problem,  but it is helpful to the Doctor who will be calling you back on the telephone

Do I need to call early?

No, the service will be exactly the same whatever time you call.  However where there are high volumes of calls,  you may be asked to call back the following day..  We would request that patients do not call on Mondays for routine enquiries.

How soon will the GP call?

It is important that you are ready to answer the phone number you have provided.  If you are at work, or otherwise engaged, and need to talk to the GP at a specific time, please let Reception know and the GP will try to accommodate your request.

What happens when the Doctor calls?

The GP will call and discuss the problem with you and decide what is needed next.  You may need advice that the GP can provide there and then, you may need a prescription which the GP can prepare for your collection later, or you may need to come in and see the GP. The GP will make the appointment for you if you do need to be seen; you can ask a time convenient for you.

How does this help patients?

  • It reduces the waiting time for you to talk to or see a GP
  • It avoids wasting your time in coming to the Health Centre when you may not need to
  • It increases your safety by ensuring that you can talk to a GP on the same day that you call us

Home Visits

The doctors will visit patients who cannot manage to attend the Medical Centre. For routine house calls, please telephone 0131-663-1051 (preferably before 10.00 am) and leave your information with the receptionist.

A doctor will visit you some time during the morning. For more urgent and emergency house call requests the receptionist will put you through to a doctor who will take the appropriate action.