Making Appointments using eConsult

You can start a consultation using eConsult – 24 hours a day. Once completed, you will receive a response by the end of the next working day. Most eConsults are dealt with the same day. You will be contacted, either by a GP or our reception team to advise you what to do next. If a telephone or face to face appointment is needed, we will arrange that for you.
eConsults do not need to be completed by patients who are part of the ‘Mid Med’ scheme (patients with complex medical needs), for children under 6 months or patients requiring palliative or end of life care. These patients should speak with the reception team to book an appointment directly.

We kindly request that patients please read the 3 steps below before submitting an eConsult. As patients will likely be aware, the NHS and GP practices as a whole are currently incredibly strained. In the interest of fairness for all and to insure that patients with serious issues are able to be seen please ensure you follow the guides below before making an appointment.

Want to ask for a specific GP? Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. You can check GP availability at the bottom of this page.

Do I really need to see a GP?

Please look at the handy guide below to ensure that your medical issue warrants seeing a GP. In many cases you can receive the correct treatment immediately or faster by using the correct healthcare professional.


Fair Usage

Our fair usage policy highlights a few ground rules that help to keep your practice running smoothly and ensuring that patients can use the system and are treated in a timely manor.


How long should I wait?

Patients can relieve pressure on their practice and NHS services by knowing how long minor ailments may take to subside and when to contact your GP. Click below to see a range of common


Making your appointment

Newbattle Medical Practice aims to deal with all our patients requests as soon as possible. Our new eConsult service has helped us to do this and is proving to be a real success amongst both patients and staff alike.

eConsult / Online Consultation

The fastest and easiest way to see a gp

If you start a consultation online (eConsult) you will receive a response by the end of the next working day.This is now our preferred system.

Please ensure before submitting an  appointment request that you have read and adhered to the 3 steps above. 

I've read the information. START a consultation with a GP now (eConsult)

“If you do need a face to face appointment, give yourself more time with the GP and submit an eConsult first. eConsults may take slightly longer than just ringing the practice, but it means the clinician has everything they need to start treating you”.

0131 663 1051

Our lines are open from 08.00am to 6.00pm with 8.00-08.30am and 5-6pm being an emergency line only.

Telephoning the practice

Patients can still call the practice for advice.

For those patients who find it difficult to complete an eConsult, our reception team is there to help you.  Some of our GPs will still offer a telephone call back service. You will need to call on the day that GP is providing that service. If you would like to speak with a specific GP, please check the days they work before you call. You can speak with our reception team about this if help is needed.