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New Patient Registration

Our New Patient Registration form can be downloaded as a Printable PDF below. (Opens in a new tab). Please choose either the adults form or one for children under the age of 15.

How to register as a new patient to the practice

If you live in the practice catchment area you are eligible to join the practice list. Please ask at Reception where you will be given the necessary forms to complete or you can use the download link above to enable you to print off your own copy to hand in. You will be allocated one of the GPs who are taking on new patients.

However, if you wish to register with a specific doctor, we will do our best to accommodate you if the GP is agreeable.

You are free, however, to consult any of the doctors in the practice, irrespective of who you are registered with. All newly registered patients will be asked to have a consultation with one of the doctors or the practice nurse within one month of registering.

You will be asked to bring evidence of your identity with you such as a utility bill, driving licence or passport.  Registration forms can be obtained from the reception desk