4 Convenient ways to get your prescriptions

Hand it in at Reception

Your computerised slip can be handed in at reception (Newbattle only)– please allow 48 hours for this (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Post it in to us

Posting in your slip to us (please enclose a stamped addressed envelope). Please allow 7 days for this (excluding weekends and public holidays)

Special Requests

Your doctor may decide that your medication is unsuitable to be put on computerised repeat prescription. However, you may be able to request this some times without seeing the doctor. 

Order Online

You can sign-up to our new online ordering system by clicking here. Thereafter repeat prescriptions can be requested using this portal.

Our New Online Ordering System.

With effect from the 5th July 2018 the previous online prescription request system will no longer be available. We are introducing a new online prescription service which links directly to your records which negates any requirement for you to input details of any repeat medications you require as all current repeat prescriptions will be shown and you can tick the appropriate box (es).

If you wish to provide additional information regarding your repeats or request an acute prescription there is a facility to do that.

In order to use the online prescription request service you will require to complete an application for online services which can be obtained from reception.  More info on this can be found below. Current identification will be required to register for this service. As soon as you have registered the link below can be used to log-in to your own portal.


  • Please allow 2 full working days for us to process your request or 4 days if you collect from a chemist
  • The prescription will be ready for collection at the surgery unless you have an agreement with a chemist
  • If the item you require is listed under ‘Unavailable Repeat Prescriptions’ please tick the box to ‘request an expired prescription or another medication’ and write what you require
  • If you request something you do not usually order it will need to be reviewed by the GP which may take up to 5 days and may not be processed
  • Please check the status of your request (by using the + symbol on the screen), even if it shows as ‘processed’ for any messages from the GP     
  •  The free text box is ONLY for prescription requests. For all other queries please call during normal working hours on 0131 663 1051.

How to Register for Online Prescription Ordering . . .

Download & Complete Form

To sign-up for online prescriptions patients are required to download and complete our “Online Services Form” This can be obtained by clicking here or can be requested at reception.

Hand In at Reception*

Return your completed form to our reception desk. *This must be accompanied by relevant identification such as a Passport / Drivers Licence / Rail Card.

Await E-mail Confirmation

As soon as we have your ID and form it will be sent to Patient Services who will in turn send an email to create your online account. Typically this is within a few days.

Enjoy the ease of ordering online!

After you have completed the previous 3 steps and your account has been created you can enjoy the use of a fully secure online ordering system from now on.

Very friendly and helpful reception staff. I was a bit nervous because it was my first time in the building. The doctor was very attentive to my needs and must say the experience was a positive one for me. Well done to everyone

Practice Patient

Have always found staff helpful and the doctors and nurses very good. Getting an appointment has sometimes meant a lot of repeated calling, and I have not always got through, but no wonder it's stretched with all the new housing in the area.

Practice Patient